“In matters of conscience, the law of majority has no place”

“Mahatma Gandhi”

Make a difference

Our partnership with Eden Reforestation Project translates into thousands of trees being planted by marginalized communities. Our trees are planted all over the globe. From Mangrove forests in Madagascar to native rainforest in Indonesia. Every time you spend. 

It’s personal

Our diamond reactors in Surat, India run on 50% renewable energy. We purchase our lab grown diamonds directly from the manufacturers making our supply chain one of the shortest in the business.

Build opportunities

Polishing our lab grown diamonds provides a secure and lucrative working environment for highly specialized craftsmen AND women. Resulting in better living standards for many families.

Peace of mind

Our diamond growing reactors run on 50% renewable energy and all our precious metal is sourced from RJC members. The Responsible Jewellery Council certification guarantees that your precious metal meets stringent criteria respecting human rights and environmental best practices.


Our jewellery has been cast and manufactured to high quality standards in the US. Center stones are set by an experienced team of stone setters in Germany. Every piece undergoes a final quality check before shipment to our customers. 

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