lab-grown diamonds tick differently

Lab-grown diamonds are priced based on the internationally accepted wholesale price list for natural diamonds - published by Rapnet Diamond Trading Network on a weekly basis.

Rarity is a factor that plays a huge part in a natural diamondʼs price but should not affect the price for a laboratory-grown diamond. As a general rule, less colour, fewer inclusions and bigger size make a natural diamond rarer and in turn more valuable. For instance, the biggest price increase in diamonds is observed between colours D and E. The actual difference in colour saturation is unnoticeable to the unaided eye. It is purely a function of rarity. The same applies to clarity.


In other words, if you purchase a lab-grown diamond in extremely high-quality ranges, youʼre overpaying since rarity is falsely priced into a product that is manmade!


G marks the spot

The colour grade G is perceived by most as absolutley colourless, especially if no higher graded stone is on hand for comparision. One grade lower (H) and untrained eyes will notice a hint of colour. Natural diamonds with a colour grade higher than F are quite rare and therefore expensive. You donʼt want to pay for rarity in a manmade product-only for its visual appeal.


  • D
  • E
  • F

near colourless

  • G
  • H
  • I
  • J

slightly coloured

  • K
  • L
  • M


don’t pay for nothing

Diamonds with a clarity grade of VS are considered eye-clean. You cannot see the small inclusions without a loupe. Higher grades of VVS and even IF look exactly the same but are much much rarer in the natural world. And rare means expensive. Donʼt overpay for something irrelevant to a manmade product.

  • IF

    no inlusions visible under 10 x magnification

  • VVS

    Very very slight inclusions, barely visible under 10 x magnification

  • VS

    Very slight inclusions visible under 10 x magnification

  • SI

    slight inclusions, clearly visible under 10 x magnification

  • I

    inclusions visible to the unaided eye


no compromise here

The quality of a diamonds cut is the single most important characteristic. It is the cut that brings out the sparkle and play of light we admire in diamonds. No compromises should be made here. All our round brilliant center diamonds come with at least a very good cut grade.

  • ideal
  • excellent
  • very good
  • good
  • fair

After grading thousands of diamonds, our GIA-certified experts know what makes the difference. You pay for professionals - let them do their job.

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