the responsible choice

Mining is almost always tied to environmental destruction. Science has made great strides in finding alternative solutions for some, others may have to be mined for a bit longer. Fortunately,  the need for mining diamonds has passed. It hasn’t stopped but the need is currently upheld by a questionable narrative of scarcity and value.

Choosing a diamond grown in our reactors gives you absolute reassurance that your purchase did not cause, aggravate or benefit from environmental destruction, water pollution, child labour, forced labour, unsafe working conditions and syndicate pricing.

We don’t claim that our diamonds are good for the environment, but believe their origin causes much less harm. Our diamonds are grown in Surat, India. The diamond capital of the world. It is estimated that 9 out of 10 diamonds are polished here. Our polishers are highly trained craftsmen. It takes an average of 8 years of learning and practise before they attempt cutting rough diamonds above 2ct, yielding a 1ct polished diamond. Our reactors make sure that there is a steady supply of rough, providing a secure working environment not tied to unpredictable mining outputs.

The state of Gujarat already generates over 50% of its energy from renewable sources. Since electricity is one of the main cost factors in growing diamonds, we’re activley lobbying the government to increase this ratio.

  • 7x less


  • No soil


  • No child or

    forced labour

Diamonds, regardless of their origin, are a luxury product and consume natural resources in the process of obtaining and working them. The debate of what origin (manmade or natural) causes less harm is complicated to answer and influenced by too many different stakeholders, us included.

The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago, the second best time is now

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