Return Policy

  1. Due to hygienic concerns all earrings are exempt from returns. Your statutory warranty claims are not affected by this.
  2. In the unlikely event that the goods delivered prove to be faulty, damaged, or different from what you ordered, Bergen will offer to replace or repair the goods or, if you prefer, refund the purchase price for the return of the defective goods. In any case, if the goods we deliver are defective, you are entitled to the statutory warranty rights.
  3. If defective goods are returned, regardless of the legal basis for the return, the respective goods must be returned in full. If the goods are in additional packaging within the outer packaging (shipping box) when delivered, e.g. in special additional protective packaging, gift packaging, a ring box or a jewellery box, this packaging is considered a part of the delivered goods and must be returned to us as well when the jewellery is returned.
  4. Certificates, if supplied, must also be returned. If the certificate is not returned, we will charge EUR 200 for a replacement certificate. You have the right to provide evidence that we have not incurred any costs or costs for the replacement certificate that is considerably lower than the aforementioned lump sum.
  5. Should the goods show signs of deterioration (such as damage, wear and tear, etc.) that go beyond the deterioration caused by the intended use of the item(s), we can demand compensation from you. We reserve the right to offset this compensation against any repayments to you. In this case, our repayment to you can be reduced accordingly.
    If you have any questions about returning defective goods, please email us at [email protected].
  6. Bergen goods have a lifetime guarantee against manufacturing and processing defects. This warranty does not apply to goods that are exposed to excessive wear, misuse or damage to property, regardless of the causes. The item(s) must not be damaged by improper handling or improper external impacts (e.g. knocks, dents or pressure) and must not be changed, manipulated, repaired or serviced by a service provider other than Bergen. Wear and tear caused by the intended use of the piece of jewellery does not constitute manufacturing defects and is not covered by the warranty. This warranty becomes effective in addition to your statutory warranty claims which are not affected by this.
  7. If you want to make a warranty claim, please contact us at [email protected].
  8. In order to enforce the warranty, the goods must be returned in full, meaning with any special, additional packaging (except the original shipping box) and the certificate that may have been sent with the goods. In addition, proof of purchase must be presented by the buyer. Should the certificate not be sent alongside the goods, we may charge EUR 200 plus VAT for a replacement certificate. You have the right to provide evidence that we have not incurred any damage or damage for the replacement certificate that is considerably lower than the aforementioned lump sum.
  9. In the event of an insufficient delivery, costs for special or additional packaging and other supplementary material may be charged. The cost of returning the goods to us and insuring them during transport shall be borne by you. The cost may vary depending on the country the goods are sent from and their value. All returns for which a warranty claim is asserted are subject to verification and authentication by the Bergen team. The item(s) must be classified as defective as a result of a manufacturing defect by our production department.
  10. If claims from this guarantee are asserted, the decision about the further procedure (exchange, repair or similar) depends on the individual case and will be discussed with you.
  11. If the purchased jewellery has been tampered with or changed in any way by you, another jeweller or any other third party, the lifetime guarantee becomes void.
  12. All sizes and measurements of the rings and pieces of jewellery are approximate. However, we try to ensure that the sizes and measurements are correct. If you do not know your ring size, please use the provided tools to determine the ring size.
  13. Most of our rings can be made smaller/larger free of charge within 30 days of purchase. This does not apply to custom-made rings and full eternity style rings. In order to resize your ring, you need to return the ring to us within 30 days after receiving it. Some rings can be resized, others have to be produced anew from scratch. In the case of custom-made rings, a resizing is at our discretion.
  14. The terms for resizing outside the aforementioned 30 days depend on the item(s) selected and are as follows:
  15. Engagement Rings:
    a.    For plain band set rings, a resizing of two sizes smaller or larger than the original size is possible for a service fee. If the resizing exceeds two sizes from the original size ordered, the ring may require to be made from scratch for which corresponding costs will apply. Final prices and service fees will be confirmed after consulting our sales team.
    b.    Engagement rings with diamond-set shanks (including custom-made rings) must be assessed in order to ensure whether they can be resized, or whether they need to be remade for which costs will apply. This will be confirmed after consulting our sales team at [email protected].
  16. Eternity Rings:
    a.    Full eternity rings - due to the nature of the setting, these rings cannot be resized and must be replaced within 30 days of purchase. Otherwise, changes cannot be made. Please contact our sales team to discuss alternative options for your ring.
    b.    Half eternity rings - Due to the type of setting, all rings must first be examined to see whether a resizing is possible or whether a ring has to be created anew. The price will be confirmed after the assessment. Please contact our sales team at [email protected].
  17. Custom-made rings:
    a.    Custom-made rings can be resized free of charge within 30 days of collection/receipt, provided that a resizing of the respective ring and its design and specifications is possible. Upon receiving your request, we will check whether a resizing is possible and discuss it with you. The resizing may result in additional costs that shall be borne by you. This also applies if the ring has to be made anew from scratch if it cannot be resized as desired. You will be informed about any additional costs in advance. It will then be clarified whether the size change should be carried out.
  18. All goods remain the property of Bergen until they have been fully paid for. If you receive goods that you ordered but did not pay for, and Bergen asks you to return these goods, you must do so immediately. Bergen will bear the shipping costs and may charge you interest at the statutory rate.